The Season of Sagittarius 

We acknowledge and lift up Sagittarius into the light from November 22 to December 21st. Take the season by storm, embracing the ruling planet of Jupiter and its expansive power. We can learn from the wise and honest Sagittarius personalities who know how to take on a challenge. They are truth-seekers and have a natural curiosity for knowledge. 


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Let us adapt during this season and harness the elemental energy of change. Sagittarius personalities are easily optimistic. They sail smoothly into the unknown with a contagious enthusiasm. As we close the autumn season, we can follow their truth-seeking mindset to reflect on our own journeys through the year. Let’s gather our goals, seek out a challenge and put our best foot forward into the last weeks of 2022.

 Sagittarius Strengths:

  • Open-hearted
  • Adventurer
  • Imaginative 

Boast your Sagittarius nature in one of our zodiac necklaces or celebrate a loved one by gifting. Our Sagittarius Silver Necklace features the unique Sagittarius zodiac layout bordered by a faceted moonstone and a sterling silver charm. The Gold Sagittarius Necklace possesses an everyday elegance with a gold charm, faceted moonstone and gold Sagittarius zodiac arrangement. Both of these necklaces are handmade with care and attention to detail. The materials used are always ethically sourced and made for sustainability. 

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Turquoise is the alternative zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius. Turquoise is the radiant and joyful stone that can brighten up these winter months. Its vivid shade is remarkable no matter what shade and shape it takes on. Reminiscent of the earth and water, the various hues of turquoise are resplendent in our gemstone pieces. We adore how turquoise steals the spotlight within a silver piece of jewelry like our Silver Hex Gemstone Bangle. Bring a fresh energy into your season with gold and turquoise combined in our gold-fill Gemstone Studs

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We hope you have a peaceful and joyous Sagittarius season. We would love to see you wearing Devi Arts Collective pieces, tag us on social! Follow along with our newsletter and our blog to never miss style advice, promotions and new product information.

Cheers Bayoush Creator and Designer