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Article: Dear Pisces,

Dear Pisces, horoscope blog

Dear Pisces,

At Devi Arts Collective, we celebrate the passage from one Zodiac sign to the next. From February 19th to March 20th we are lucky enough to be in the presence of the Pisces zodiac sign. Deeply intelligent and intuitive, Pisces are magnificent leaders, let us follow their example through the closing of the season. The end of winter is a transition to savour. Winter allows us to be introspective, enjoying the short days and finding comfort in cozy nights. As we approach a new season of fresh ideas and new beginnings, Pisces are a great sign to lead us. 

Pisces Zodiac Horoscope Jewelry Blog

Pisces have an innate sense of right and wrong. Although they can occasionally get too wrapped up in their heads, they are known for their imagination and creativity. They are in tune with the beauty around them and are always open to learning and observing. They can be fantastic friends or partners because of their non-judgmental nature. 

Let’s recognize how special Pisces are with our Zodiac collection of Pisces necklaces. Each necklace has a moonstone, a star sign charm, and a gold charm to balance. Available in 14kt gold-fill and recycled sterling silver, these necklaces are a thoughtful gift for a loved one or to celebrate your own zodiac sign! Personalized jewelry is on trend for the year, we love celebrating our uniqueness and different personality types that are reflected in each star sign.

Pisces Jewelry Zodiac Horoscope Facts Jewelry

Our alternative gemstone for Pisces is the labradorite stone. With multiple colours and tones, this is a gorgeous stone that doesn’t get enough attention! It protects against negativity and misfortune, calms the mind and energizes the imagination, and promotes joy! We love how it looks set in one of our many customizable gemstone pieces. Our Silver and Gold Solitaire Gemstone Necklace would really make the vibrance of the stone pop!

Labradorite Zodiac Gemstone Necklace

We would love to see you representing your sign! Tag us on social wearing your Devi Arts Collective pieces and how you have incorporated them into your personal style. Follow along with our newsletter and our blog to stay up to date with trends, product details, and more.

Cheers, Bayoush Designer and Creator


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