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Article: A Pearl State of Mind 🤍

New Pearl Jewelry Collection Handmade Ethical GoldFill

A Pearl State of Mind 🤍

Invite the calming pearl to influence you through the end of the summer season.

Our brand new, designed from the heart, Celestial Pearl Collection showcases the pearl's serene beauty. Our founder and designer, Bayoush, began to fall in love with pearls after creating the Dreamer Collection and she began to play around with the beauty and how she could anchor components within.

Pearl Jewelry Collection Gold EarringsBayoush hand drills each freshwater pearl and sets the gold-fill elements within the pearl. This creates the otherworldly and unique look of this collection. Freshwater pearls have a luminescent luster that offer a timeless glamour. 

Our Dreamer Large Gold and Pearl Hoops from our Dreamer Collection were featured in InStyle's 10 Best Hoops Earrings of 2022! We love these delicate and gorgeous hoops and are thankful that you all are loving them as much as we do.

Pearls bring elegance on their own, or they are the perfect companion to a bright gemstone. Pearls and turquoise, pearls and black onyx, or pearl and ruby are all gorgeous combinations. The Celestial Collection brings the brightness of the freshwater pearl out on a background of 14kt gold-fill. Pearls offer a timeless style while soothing your spirit.

Pearl Gold Necklace Pearl Meaning

This collection features a Pearl Lariat Necklace, bracelets and earrings. The earrings come in two styles, Gold Hoops and Pull Through Earrings. The pull through style adds lightweight drama as a single earring but can look so cool and sensational threaded through two piercings.  

Our new Pearl Silk Bracelets are a unique combination of colourful silk, freshwater pearls and gold-fill embellishments. The bracelets are adjustable with a bead component in the back and come in 4 colours of silk. Both silk and pearls are delicate. With their dainty nature in mind, we always want to apply extra care to our pearl pieces and it’s important to be mindful of them. Water, chemicals and other products could damage these precious and porous materials. These are heirloom pieces to be treasured.

New Pearl Collection Silk Gemstone Bracelets

Embrace the vibe of this Celestial Collection and bring in soothing tones and moonlit moments. We are eager to bring you more pearls and more information, stay tuned to our newsletter and social to not miss out.

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